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No need for a physical office but still in need of a prestigious and reliable business address and professional telephone service? Then a virtual office with the choice of an address is the solution you’re looking for.

With a virtual office (also called: registered office) you can make use of a host of traditional services – like a business post address and the handling of your telephone calls- without having to pay rent for an expensive office. Saving costs but having that professional image towards your clients!

The virtual office in Romania

The virtual office in Romania service offered by our team is providing an instant business address, while our experienced on-site team can handle your business basic requirements like tax inspections or receiving any type of correspondence.

For company formation in Romania the virtual office service offered by our company is meeting all the requirements for Registered Office. Therefore, by choosing this service you can establish a company with all the formalities included in the formation package.

The benefits of opting for this type of Registered Office as part of setting up your company in Romania:

  • An optimal alternative for business individuals, interested to carry out their activity through a registered office in Romania, provided through the Law no. 51/1995
  • Choosing a virtual office as Romania registered address turns to be an unexpected benefit since it helps saving time and there are no hidden expenses. 
  • Opting for this approach means that the applicant will not be requested to ask for neighbours’ approval or the householders’ association acceptance. The period usually required for establishing any type of company will be significantly decreased.
  • Same address as your legal and accounting team in Romania, so all the matters will be handled for your company as part of our services 

Our virtual office packages can be customized based on every client’s requests. Can start from the basic registered office for company formation in Romania purposes, with the possibility to be upgraded to one day of private office access each month or flexible use of the conference room.