We provide our clients with this facility, at a different preferential tariff, for both general and state correspondence purposes, but the most important aspect of choosing this service is the time and cost of starting up your business.

The virtual office is:

Company headquarters – we provide you with a legal address for your registered office, a condition without which it is not possible to set up or operate a company in Romania.

Postal services – letters will be scanned within 24 hours and sent to your e-mail address. The e-mail address will be made available to you on our server so that we can make sure all the mail reaches you.

Online system – t allows you to access your scanned mail, incoming calls or company documents anytime.


You get an address for your company’s headquarters – without it you cannot set up a business. In Romania, a PO box is not enough.

You do not incur any expenses for the intermediation of a headquarters by realtors.

You do not need to sign a lease, and you do not have to get your neighbours’ approval to operate at that address.

You do not have to lodge a security.