Our specialists can help you and your business to achieve your ambitions by offering hands on involvement from partners and practical, commercially driven and risk-assessed advice on corporate and business issues.

Corporate and business tax

Our Corporate & Business Tax Team is comprised of experienced tax professionals. We are able to provide support across the whole range of business taxes, ranging from local compliance through group planning, financing and mergers and acquisitions.

Our focus is on helping you to understand, and then to manage your tax risks, and to advise you so as to ensure that you pay the “right” amount of tax in accordance with the law, taking account of your risk profile and your commercial circumstances. In every case your service team will be led by a specialist tax partner with experience of the area in which you operate.

Working with Advice Accounting you will have the flexibility to build a service model that is tailored to your particular needs, ranging from basic compliance support in conjunction with your own finance team, providing you with bespoke outsourced tax support, ideal for those growing businesses in the transition from external supplier to a fully resourced in-house tax team.

Employment tax

The business of employing people is full of pitfalls and for many employers, their biggest cost. It is an area where every organisation needs specialist help. If you don’t have the resources for an in-house HR team it can be a challenge to co-ordinate the range of expert help you need.

As a first step, the basics needs to be in place include:

  • Having a payroll provider who can integrate with you seamlessly dealing with data flow, reports and payslips in a digital environment if that is required and who understands the importance of payroll linking in to auto-enrolment pension compliance;
  • Being able to understand your reporting requirements in respect of reimbursed expenses and taxable benefits;

Once the basics are in place we would be delighted to work with you to look at employee reward packages and recommend any changes to be made to make them more tax efficient, easier to operate and more attractive to the employees. This could include identifying what tax-free benefits could be provided, salary schemes and share incentive arrangements such as Employee Management Incentive schemes.

Mergers and acquisition tax

When business owners decide to sell their business, it is likely to be the largest transaction in their lives and probably something they only do once. Making sure that tax issues don’t adversely affect the outcome is where our M&A tax team can help.

On a sale we can manage a number of areas of the process:

  • Advance planning to ensure that capital gains tax relief, especially entrepreneurs’ relief, are available.
  • Assistance with the tax due diligence process.
  • Advising on the optimal way of structuring the transactions.
  • Assistance with the scope of the tax warranties and the tax covenant.
  • Helping plan out the tax payments and assist with the necessary reporting on Romanian tax returns.

When there is a purchase rather than a sale, our M&A tax team can support with the following areas:

  • Tax due diligence to help ensure that a purchase does not bring along with it unidentified tax liabilities.
  • The structure of the acquisition.
  • Relief for finance costs and structuring the finance generally.

VAT and duty planning

VAT rules are often complex and challenging. Get the numbers wrong and the penalties can be sky high. Equally, fail to maximise your VAT recovery or apply the incorrect rate on your sales and you could find yourself making costly overpayments.

Our service includes:

  • Full Romanian VAT service, including advice on large and complicated transactions
  • VAT registration and compliance support in Romania
  • A VAT health check to ensure we identify any issues before the Romanian Finance Administration
  • Representation in disputes and appeals
  • Advice on international VAT issues
  • International indirect tax recovery