The Romanian Company registration procedure requires for several mandatory steps.

The necessary steps to register a company in Romania are as follows:

  • Reservation of the company’s name;
  • Drafting of the Articles of Incorporation and the statements (affidavits) of the shareholders and
  • Submitting the share capital to a chosen bank;
  • Filling the necessary application and submitting it to the Local Trade Register Office;
  • Issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation.

Our experienced professionals will manage the entire process, while keeping you in the loop for each and every step of the company registration.

If you have additional questions regarding what you can do after you have obtained the company registration number in Romania, about the articles of Incorporation and statements, the share capital or about the VAT number, please read out detailed blog article. Also, if you’re interested in the process of tax refund in Romania, please have a look over out dedicated page.