From a probationary and procedural point of view, acts authenticated by a notary public are an important means of proof, and can be challenged only by the procedure of statement of forgery. They can also be invested with the enforceable formula, thus acquiring the same power as a court order.

Certain categories of acts and procedures, such as an act translative of ownership of property or inheritance proceedings, can be handled only by a notary public.

Last but not least, various types of affidavits are required by institutions in their authenticated  form.

Some of the main acts and operations that a notary public may fulfil are:

  • drafting and / or authentication of legal documents at the request of the parties (contracts, powers of attorney, statements, etc.);
  • the notarial succession procedure;
  • authentication of signatures on documents, signature specimens, copies of documents, translations and seals;
  • giving a certified date to the documents submitted by the parties;
  • receipt of the documents submitted by the parties for storage;

Through our collaborators, we offer you a direct way to conclude the above mentioned acts and operations, as well as to receive notary advice to identify and implement the optimal legal solution for each individual client.