Our team working in accounting, payroll, human resources, consultancy, fees and taxes are trained to handle all types of companies: mixed capital, foreign or Romanian capital, long-established companies or companies preparing to enter the market, offering advice and a complete package of services tailored to fully and at the highest level of professionalism cover client requirements.

Document handling and accounting in Romania

With proper bookkeeping and daily document registration, your company accounts can provide useful financial information whenever needed.

For your relationship with tax authorities, a designated accountant will work closely with you to submit accounts, reports, and other accounting issues at the required deadlines.

We have the know-how to ensure that your business complies with the requirements of the Romanian legislation at all times, and that you, as the most important beneficiary of the information resulting from these processes, are informed in time of the accounting results.

How it works

When you contract our accounting services, an accountant will be assigned to you and will work with you personally, depending on the company’s accounting needs.

Based on the financial documents you submit, your accountant will review and organise the information provided and process it to form your ledger. Also, your designated accountant will prepare the financial statements for statutory submission.

Your designated accountant will help you monitor any issues, and work with you to ensure you understand all of your company accounts and reports.

Support services for reporting obligations

The financial and management accounting services are complemented by the monthly compilation of all statements and their submission to state institutions on behalf of our client. Our service portfolio also includes the quarterly and half-yearly statements required by Romanian law. The preparation of the balance sheet is another service we provide, and, as a result, we will prepare it with all the necessary professionalism, together with the consolidated statements at each end of the year.

Calculation of fees, taxes and contributions due by companies and individuals;

Drawing up tax returns according to the Romanian legislation;

Submission of tax returns to the competent authorities;

Timely preparation of estimated payments for fees and taxes;

Assistance during the VAT reimbursement process;

Assistance during the fiscal audit carried out by the Romanian authorities.