Life Of … A Romanian Accountant

Like nearly everything in life, an accounting carrier has positive and negative sides, but it’s true that becoming an accountant requires for sure the right qualifications, the necessary skills, sufficient experience and oodles of patience and perseverance to keep at it, despite the many challenges, especially if you call yourself a Romanian accountant…because this accounting profession in Romania is a different type of accountant specie, that is why we will call it in a simple manner in the following lines “the Romanian (perseverant) accountant”.


When asked what Romanian accountants do, responses often mention roles such as tax consultants or auditors. The functions performed by the professional accountants in Romania are often forgotten and not well understood, so what we are trying to sketch here is the image of that person that stresses you with the missing documents, deadlines and will for sure take it to next level if you don’t comply.

The importance of the role of professional accountants in your Romanian business, in ensuring the quality of financial reporting and day by day information, cannot be overly emphasised. Professional accountants often find themselves being at the frontline of choosing between 2 “clients” – the company itself and the Romanian authorities, not to forget to mention, that they usually have the task of defending the quality of financial reporting right at the source where the numbers and figures are produced!

Now that we have decided to be accountants, we’ve realised that we need to explain to the world and to our clients, that a Romanian accountant, it is a lot more than stereotypical math geeks crunching numbers and punching keys on fancy computers. (ok…ok! we like fancy computers, but we certainly do not overtake the lawyers!)

We started it as a geek joke between Romanian accountants, that we need to know our value and then to add tax, but in the Romanian accounting environment is actually a pretty challenging working day to wake up for.

For our local clients, we are for some years, trying to explain and prove the essential role of a Romanian accountant into a company, even through an outsourced service, so this line is for ourselves a constant reminder that we need to know how much we worth and we need to show the real added value that the partnership with the right professional accountant can bring onto the table.

Add tax, well only if you are not a Romanian accountant you don’t know how often the Tax Code, CIT rules, VAT regulations and others, change in our actually quite attractive fiscal country. So we, in fact, have 2 clients that we serve daily – your company and the Romanian authorities, because even if we have a low taxation and other tempting points in our commercial and fiscal landscape, you are lost without us in all the fiscal presentation, rules, changes and indecisions of our rulers. Sorry to announce you, but Romania being great at taxation level, doesn’t mean it has a great instruction manual!

So it’s a double full time position, to meet the clients’ requirements, addressed rightfully and to meet the deadlines (too many) of the multiple declarations that needs to be presented, indeed in the clients name. In conclusion as a Romanian accountant you need to be the most organised professional in the market to meet the daily demands from both sides.


We all agreed on the value of an accountant, but I’ve decided to escalade and support that being a professional accountant in Romania means actually to be a real business partner and for that, certain skills are mandatory needed:

Organisational skills – an accountant has to deal with multiple responsibilities, and this requires good organisational capabilities. Use of tools like calendars, day planners, colour coded post-its and folders help being meticulous and keeping track of information and deadlines. And we all know that deadlines is not something that we are missing in Romanian fiscal world. So I may say that a Romanian accountant is like the master of organisational skills.

Time management skills – Handling competing priorities and shuttling between various tasks demands the immense skill of managing time, and this is a huge determinant that makes or breaks a Romanian accountant’s success. Trust us, we can be a room full of Romanian accountants that can argue easily how times passes totally different between the major accounting “mystic” date – the 25th.

Versatility – The field demands to be adaptable and versatile to changes and different types of clients, as we are dealing with many companies, personalities, requirements and simply ways of interacting. As a Romanian accountant, we view each activity, each company as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Communication skills – Irrespective of careers, job roles and companies, the one skill, which every individual needs to possess, is the ability to communicate effectively. The story is no different with accountants. Professional communication, interpersonal skills and networking are important for succeeding in the field, that a certain fact that we try to improve every day of our accountants lives.


It isn’t always a perfect picture in the field of Romanian accountants, despite the great jobs available and the so called fancy pay, that some imagine we receive monthly. Allow me to disclose a secret: our colleagues from legal “department” have higher fees for their billable hours, way higher!

Getting to the top takes a lot of hard work (like in any other field, we are not stating here that we are the only ones who do sacrifices) and having to undergo the test of time amidst a lot of challenges.

As accountants, we have to face the continuous running between the deadlines and never ending legislatives changes and new requests.

Beside that, we have continuing educational requirements, even after completing the degrees, internships and certifications, Romanian accountants have to undergo the mandatory renewing of licenses and passing compliance regulations, so like the doctors, we are in a never ending school environment. The difference is that they are dealing with lives and we are dealing with a business money, kind of the same drama for some.

We can loud and clear say that the accountant has little or no work-life balance, and sleeping in the office is a sure thing at least in the initial stages, so for the professional accountants would be rather difficult to balance work and play. Deadlines, commitments, and long hours are characteristics of accountants life.

Stressful lifestyle? Who us? The accountants? Of course not! Who is stressed about the tight deadlines, and absolutely no scope for mistakes? Leaving the sarcasm aside, I really consider that this profession is a rather challenging then stressful one.


Not exactly! Because each month has a new 25th ahead, but I think we all agree that once you have chosen to become an accountant, it is imperative to put your heart and soul into building up your portfolio and emerging it as a successful one.

Which us at Advice Accounting we try and do…not only daily, but every minute! And we are proud to represent the Romanian accountants on a great market, which is the West Part of Romania.

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